Monday, July 28, 2008

BBQ's and Zoo time............Summer is in full swing!

Sean and I had planned to make this past weekend a weekend filled with lots of quality time with the kids. This coming weekend we have a wedding all weekend so we knew that we weren't going to be able to spend a lot of time with them. I planned on taking a half day on Friday so I could come home and get all of the housework done that way I didn't have to do it while the kids were home. About an hour before I was to leave work the sitter calls and informs me that Tristan has a 102 temp! So much for a half day of chores. When I picked him up he looked so sad.......but then I remembered that we are getting 3 teeth so this is what is causing it. We spent the afternoon of resting and getting our temp down. On Saturday Tristan woke up with still a little bit of a fever so we hung around the house and got ready for our evening bbq at Chris and Emily's. We had a very nice time at Chris and Emily's where the boys enjoyed games outside, the kids enjoyed time with bubbles and the girls just sat around and chatted. On Sunday we got up and headed out to the zoo. This time we focused on the penguins, the childrens zoo and riding the choo choo train. We had a blast as usual and Tristan really enjoyed riding the choo choo.

As I stated before this weekend we have the Reinbold/Heinz wedding. Tristan and Isabelle will be spending extra time with Jen and I will be sure to post some pics from our weekend!

To the experienced mothers

Any advice would be nice.......our little Tristan has entered into his terrible two's. For all of you that have met him he is a little boy through and through. He loves all things that define a boy. Dirt, bugs, climbing, fighting, jumping....anything that might require him getting hurt he loves. Lately Tristan has gone beyond his 2 year old boyness and has started to act out in a manner that I believe is beyond just being a boy. He has taken to hitting, biting, pulling hair, name it he does it. Now please don't get me wrong he is still a good boy just with a very ornery streak lately. Timeouts aren't seeming to work, taking the toys away...nope that didn't work....spankins.....nope not that one either. How do you bargain with a 2 year old? Any advice from the mom's out there would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for the advice!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just pictures

Not much to report this week. We have had a busy week with Realtors, park time, and just normal everyday stuff. I know that a lot of you just like to look at the pictures anyways so I thought I would just post a few pictures from our week!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Camera

We got a new camera! I am so excited about this and already snapped so many pictures. It was delivered yesterday and it was like Christmas at our house. Of course since this is a new camera we don't know all of the ins and outs of it so I took a bunch of cute pictures of Isabelle and then Sean accidentally deleted all of them! Go figure:):)

We had a wonderful weekend. Sean was at a bachelor party all weekend so the kids and I went back to Mom and Dad's. On Saturday Josh watched Tristan and Camo while Mom, Cass, Isabelle and I went to the craft malls and to a wonderful little store called Sproutfitters. We had a great girl day but of course we wish our other partner in crime (Vanessa) could have shared the day with us too.

This weekend since I got to have a lot of time with the kids I became amazed at how fast they are growing. Isabelle is getting so close to rolling over and is really looking at things now. She loves to watch her fingers and watch the people around her. Tristan's vocabulary is growing everyday. I am amazed at the things that he comes up with. He is turning into such a little man....but he sometimes quickly reminds us that he is still little when he comes up and says "hold you."

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer. Before we know it Fall will be here and the cool weather will have settled in!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Back on the market!

Well when things seemed to be going our way with the house............we were quickly brought back to reality. The people that were going to buy our house are going to be backing out of the contract. We are completely bummed and devastated that this is how it worked out. It seemed to be such a good fit but due to personal issues they have had to back out of the contract. Soooo.....we put that wonderful old for sale sign back in our yard last night and called the builder and told him that once again our house plans are on hold. I am sure that one day we will find this all comical........but not today! There is a slight chance that we might still have a buyer so please keep us in your prayers and keep your fingers crossed for us. I would love to have Tristan and Isabelle in their new home for the holidays!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

No Park Time but Jack time!

As I have posted before we have been trying to get Tristan to the park almost everynight. This seems to help with getting him to go to bed. With all that has been going on with the house last night we had to skip the park and head over the new subdivision and get some paperwork taken care of. Tristan was a little bummed about not getting to go to the park but he quickly figured out that instead he got to play with JACK at Jaycie and Randy's house. The boys had so much fun.......actually they had a blast pushing around Olivia's doll strollers. It was quite funny...poor Livy had to bypass using her doll strollers and instead just play with her lion walker. Unfortunatly I didn't have the camera so I didn't get any pictures. But when it was time to leave Tristan did not want to leave. He wanted to stay and he cried the whole ride home. We kept reassuring him that pretty soon he would live close to Jack and they could play all the time.

Since I don't have any pics of Jack and Tristan I will post some pics from a visit to the park last week. These are pics of Tristan and his friend since birth Kaelynn.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Another Busy Summer Weekend!

Boy does the weekend fly by so fast. This weekend though was a lot of fun and we got to spend a lot of quality time with Tristan and Isabelle. On Friday night we went to Maryville's homecoming and watched the parade and walked around, ate and looked at all of the rides. Tristan did not like the the firetrucks but loved to see all of the people and the rides. Saturday was a relax day of just working around the house and hanging out. On Saturday night I went to the Reimer/Shirley wedding reception while Sean hung out with the kids! Tbe wedding reception was gorgeous and we had a really good time. CONGRATULATIONS again to Jen and Ryan! Sunday morning we woke up and decided to go to the zoo. Tristan had a blast there! Isabelle liked it too but she is still to little to really like it that much. We got to see lots of animals and we went to the childrens zoo and got to pet a few animals too. Tristan even got a "tattoo" on his leg of "Lightning McQueen." The zoo was followed by naps, playing in the sprinkler and going to the park! It was a very active weekend but we go to do so much and had a blast doing it with the kids. I hope that everyone had a great weekend as well.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Off to the Park we go!

We have been spending a lot of nights at the park lately. Tristan loves to go to the park and it seems to wear him out and makes bed time a little bit easier. We started going to the park about 3 weeks ago and now as soon as I pick Tristan up from Jen's house he says "Mommy Park?" If we don't get to go his little world just crumbles. Isabelle of course enjoys going to the park as well. As you can tell from the pictures she does her favorite thing...........sleeping!

I hope everyone has been having a good week. Thank God it is Friday tomorrow! This has been a very busy hectic week and I am ready for some down time.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

So much going on!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Life has been extremely busy. I hope everyone had a good 4th! We spent the long weekend back up at my parents house. We just hung out by the pool, the kids swam, the boys golfed, Isabelle slept and Cassie and I sat and ate and gossiped. I really need her to have that baby so I can stop eating whenever she is around. No will power I tell you. Tristan and Camo had a great time together as usual. Although at one point Camo did announce that he no longer liked Tristan as Tristan was trying to throw him in the pool. But as usual he liked him again in about 5 minutes. On Saturday we grilled out and had some of the best steaks ever thanks to Sean's mastery at the grill. On Sunday we came back so Sean could go to the Cardinal/Cubs game. Probably due to the Cubs winning a horrible sickness hit our family....first Tristan, then me and now Sean. Lets just hope Isabelle doesn't get it.
To give everyone a little update on the house.........we should close in about 3 weeks on our current house and I think we have decided to build our own house. So hopefully we will start construction in 2 weeks. (I hope) We haven't decided what to do with the house that we have a contract on....we can get out of it at any time but we are thinking we might finish it when the title comes clean and hopefully turn a profit....but we have plenty of time to decide on that. As you can tell life in the McMeen house is a little crazy right now. Hopefully things will slow down when fall rolls around.
This weekend we have the Reimer/Shirley reception and I am looking forward to seeing everyone there. I will be sure to post some pics!