Monday, June 30, 2008


We have sold our house!!! A couple came in tonight and made us an offer and we are signing a contract tomorrow!!!! We are so excited! ...............Now if we could just get them to start our new house:):) Keep your fingers crossed that we get good news about our new house!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Congratulations Matt and Kylee!

This weekend we spent it back at my mom's. Mom had asked Sean a while ago to finish drywalling her garage so we headed up there so he could do that! While Sean did that Tristan, Isabelle and I got to spend much needed time with Cameron, Tinley and Avery. (And of course Aunt Nessa, Aunt Cassie, Uncle Josh, Uncle Dominick, Uncle Tony, Grandma and Papa) We swam, we played power rangers, watched spiderman, played hide and seek, name they played it!

Although all of that was exciting the big excitement came for Kylee and Matt. Kylee is Cassies best friend and she got married this weekend to a wonderful guy named Matt. They got married on Elkhart hill and it was beautiful. Thank you for letting us share in your big day and have fun on your honeymooon!!!

Hope everyone has a great week....and if I don't post before have a SAFE 4th!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Update on Favorite Baseball Player

I received a lot of comments regarding Tristan stating that Albert is his favorite baseball player! I would like you all to know that Sean has "corrected this problem" (side note: I do not think this is a problem....GO CARDS!) and now Tristan says "ALBERT STINKS!" Sean is very proud of this and I am sure that Papa will correct it again when we are there this weekend!

Hope everyone is having a good week!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Well we had a blast on vacation. It was just enough time to get away but we were ready to come back because we missed Tristan and Isabelle. Thanks again to Mom and Dad for taking such good care of them. On vacation we ate, layed out, enjoyed each others company and just relaxed as much as possible. We went to Emerils for dinner and if you ever get the chance to go to one of his restaurants I highly recommend it! It was one of the best meals Sean and I have ever had!

Tristan and Isabelle had a great time at Grandma and Papa's house. Isabelle go to meet her cousin Addie and they got to play together for the first time. Isabelle and Addie are about a month apart....Addie's mom Missy and I are also about a month apart! We love that our daughters are going to be able to have a friend so close in age! Tristan spent a lot of time with his Uncle Dominick, Uncle Tony and Papa. Papa has taught Tristan that when you ask who is favorite baseball player is......he says "ALBERT" (Pujols) Well we all know Sean loved loved that!!!

Hope everyone had great weekend!

Getting to be so big!!

I know I know I promised South Beach pictures and I promise those are coming!! I had to write today to let everyone know that Isabelle is now sleeping all night!!! Thank you MOM! I don't know what magic touch Grandma has but she has gotten Isabelle to sleep all night long!! I of course woke up 2 times to check on her because I wasn't used to this but sure enough she was just sleeping away!
I will post pics from our vacation tonight!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

South Beach here we come......

We are leaving for south beach in the morning........Will post some pics when we get back! Thank you Grandma and PaPa for taking Tristan and Isabelle!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Big Weekend--Happy Father's Day

This post is probably going to seem like I am rambling but it was a very busy weekend again for our household. On Thursday evening, Friday day, and Saturday it was just me and the kiddos. Well I am still new to this 2 child idea and well lets just say that by Saturday at 6:30 pm I was begging Sean to please leave the golf course and come relieve me from a crying 9 week old and a 2 year old that has more energy then the tazmanian devil. I must say I respect stay at home moms more than I ever have after those 3 days. And may I just say right now God Bless our wonderful sitter Jen. With all of those kids she must have the patience of Mother Theresa. One great thing though that did happen is that Crystal and Kaelynn came over to play on Saturday. Kaelynn and Tristan have been best buds their whole 2 years of life. We are having so much fun watching them change and grow everytime they play together! We say that we take all of these pictures so one day it will make a great slideshow at their wedding.

On Sunday we spent the day up at my Mom and Dad's. We hung out by the pool with Cassie, Josh and Camo and BBQ'd a little later when Mom and Dad got home from taking Anthony to U of I basketball camp. We had a great time as usual but as usual Camo and Tristan didn't really get naps in. At about 5 in the afternoon these two were quite the treat:):) After eating and saying our goodbyes we headed home. On our way home we stopped in so Tristan and Isabelle could see their other Papa and wish him a Happy Father's Day. All in all it was a great family weekend!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Busy Weekend!

It has been a few days since my last post but it has been a little busy. We had a great weekend this past weekend and enjoyed the hot but beautiful weather. On Saturday we went to Jason and Chrissie's wedding shower and got to spend some time with them and other friends. It was a really good time and we are looking forward to their big day! On Sunday after church we went to our friends Dave and Crystal's new house! They just moved into their beautiful home and had a few of us over to see it and let the kids play! We need to do that more often because Tristan was so worn out he went to bed at 7:15!!!!! Other than that we played a lot of b-ball outside, went for walks and just enjoyed the weekend! Hope everyone had a good weekend as well and their week is starting out fantastic!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

"Cranky" Baby and the next B-Ball Star?

This morning Sean took Isabelle and Tristan to our wonderful sitter Jen's house like every other day. Like usual I called halfway through to check on our little munchkins and make sure they weren't causing to much disaster for the day. Usually the response that is given is that Isabelle has been great all day and that she is making it to easy on Jen and Tristan.....well usually Tristan has been being Tristan. Today Jen said that Isabelle was being not her normal self and that she was a little on the cranky side and that Tristan had been being a good boy all day and that him and his friend JoJo had not fought yet today! Granted at this point JoJo had only been there for about 3 hours but I was going to take it considering yesterday there was pushing and biting done by both parties:):) I guess Isabelle just wanted to let Jen know that she still was my daughter and she was still going to have moody days:) When Sean brought them home (since I was home sick today with a touch of food poisoning) it seems that Jen was correct about the switch in my children. Isabelle was not as smiley and happy as normal and Tristan was not being his normal 2 year old self. He even let us feed him dinner before we went out and did our nightly routine of shooting hoops! That in itself is a miracle! Hope everyone is having a good week!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Uncle Tony's Outfits

I thought I would share Tristan's latest obsession. As most of you know we have been obsessed with Lightning, B-Ball's, and Shrek in our short little two years. Now we have a new obsession called Uncle Tony's outfits. Tristan has been going to Uncle Tony's "b-ball" games since he was probably 3 weeks old. We make it to probably 10 games a year if not more and he loves this time that we spend at the gyms. These last few days the only way that we can get Tristan out of his Lightning jammies and into "normal" clothes is if they have some resemblence to what Uncle Tony wears. This weekend I took a picture of him in one of his outfits to show all of you! He is very proud of all of his outfits!

Our New Family Blog

We have decided to start a family blog! We have had this site set up for a while but have procrastinated on getting it started. I guess I should say I have procrastinated. We are hoping that by doing this blog our friends and family who do not live by us will still be able to feel that they are around us and part of Tristan and Isabelle's life! I will try really hard to keep this updated and if you would like to see more of something just let me know. Everyone knows that I am constantly taking pictures so I am sure I will be able to supply! I hope that everyone enjoys!