Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wonderful Christmas!

Wow Christmas sure did come and go so fast!! I hope that everyone had as good of time as we did and Santa brought you everything that you wanted. We started off our Christmas Eve with driving back up to Springfield to go to mass with my parents and my brothers. It was PACKED! We ended up having to stand in the back so needless to stay we didn't make it through the whole mass. We did our best but Tristan won the battle and we had to excuse ourselves. So off we went to our Grandma and Grandpa Ross' house. Now since we have Christmas with them before hand this is just a quick visit to say hello to all of our Aunts, Uncles and cousins. (And yes Uncle Jeff be sure you come and visit when you are down here doing your modeling LOL....we won't hold our breathe in anticipation of your arrival ) It was wonderful to see everyone and I was glad that we were able to stop in. After our visit there we then drove to my Aunt Nonny and Uncle Mark's house for the annual Moscardelli Christmas. Everyone was able to make it this year except for my cousin Cara who was at home sick! We even had a few new additions this year which is always lovely....Isabelle, Calynn and Andrea (my cousin Ryan's fiance...yeah yeah I know she was there last year but she wasn't his fiance then). We had a blast there and got to eat my favorite Saputo's Lasagne for dinner!!! After opening of gifts, watching Dom's winning video from the weekend before and lots of laughter it was time for us to head home. We drove back down to our home so that we could all be in bed for when Santa came.
The next morning Tristan and Isabelle got up and much to Tristan's amazement Santa brought him is chocolate donuts! (that is all that he asked Santa for this year) He was so very excited about it. He also got a Lightning McQueen power wheels which I think he would sleep in if we let him. Isabelle had a lot of fun playing in the wrapping paper. (Next year she will care about what is in the paper) After we got everything cleaned up Mom, Dad and the boys made their way down here for a late lunch and some tournament time on the Wii that Santa brought Sean and Tristan. All and all it was a great Christmas filled with lots of family time and fun!! I hope that everyone's Christmas was as wonderful as ours!


Hippie Family... said...

CUTE!! T would have rathered play with anything her cousins wanted then her stuff too.. how long did you make that poor lil peanut wear shoes!! that's just mean!

Liz said...

Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. Tell Tristan that I LOVE Hostess chocolate donuts!! They are the best! I will have to remember to ask Santa to bring me some next year! Great pics Lindz! Thanks for sharing them with us.

vanessa said...

No, you forogt...not everyone was able to be there for Christmas forgot us! But we will be there next year!